Ideas should dance. Are motion graphics a cure for heavy text?

Posted on Mar 9, 2015

A motion graphic can say more in 60 seconds more persuasively than 5000 words of texty grayness. When we imagine our story is fascinating and our audience eager to listen, we risk stupifying prospects with an avalanche of text. That never ends well. Brochures and catalogs get tossed as soon as readers see paragraphs form […]

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The texty turnoff. Can TL;DR kill your brand story?

Posted on Dec 2, 2014

First, count the number of words “above the fold” on your website home page. Are there… • 1 to 40 • 41 to 75 • 76 to 100 • 101+ • I got a headache trying to count them all. The answer to “can there be too much text?” is of course yes – but […]

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