Branding should not focus on customers

Posted on Jun 10, 2011

Your brand’s substantial, leveraged growth will come from prospects, not customers.

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Leave company and product naming up to us.

Posted on May 24, 2011

Not that you aren’t passionately concerned with your new name. On the contrary. You’re the one most in the risk/reward hot seat. But naming is not your primary business, so it’s something you should outsource, just as you outsource brain surgery, elevator repair, and dog grooming. There are people out there with skills, experience and […]

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How Customer-Centered hurts your brand

Posted on May 14, 2011

You’re proud of your customer service. What could be wrong with that? Several things. For one, if you are truly “centered on your customers,” offer “great customer service,” or try to stay “close to the customer,” (to quote three clichés), you will miss great growth opportunities, and probably adopt a less-than-powerful brand strategy. To readers […]

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The perceptual map is obsolete: branding in 3-D

Posted on Feb 24, 2011

The Perceptual Map, perennial favorite of MBA classes everywhere, is obsolete. In fact, it never was a completely satisfactory way to sum up brand perceptions. Branding is a three-dimensional problem. That insight led us to invent the Killian Branding Box™ to quantify and visualize a brand’s position vs. competitors in a 3-D space with three […]

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“Ideas” are almost worthless.

Posted on Jul 10, 2010

Most of the jobseekers who write to us note with great enthusiasm that they are uniquely employable because they have “ideas.” Lots of them. We are seldom (okay, never) moved to action by this claim, partially because so many people claim it. One becomes skeptical. Which brings us to Brainstorming, that good ol’ reliable exercise […]

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