Get your brand to the intersection of S and D

Posted on Jun 26, 2011

A young marketer asked for help on a LinkedIn discussion board: what advice would we give him as he started his career? Our reply, in three words: Never Accept Ordinary. Good advice, sure, but perhaps ordinary. So, let’s expand on it a little. Great brand connections often begin at the intersection of Surprise and Delight. […]

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DIY branding advice for CEOs. In one word!

Posted on Jun 7, 2011

Don’t. Dear CEO: branding is probably not your core competency, or even a game where you read the box scores daily. It’s best outsourced to experts, for the same reasons you outsource brain surgery or elevator repair – find smart people with specialized tools and experience, then demand good outcomes. I have to admit that […]

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Posted on Nov 29, 2010

As we slip into December, will you set 2011 budgets by “adjusting” numbers from 2010? Take a little from this bucket, add a little to that bucket? That’s never the optimal strategy for marketing/branding/advertising, but this year especially it’s unwise. First of all, 2010 was not a “normal” year any way you measure it. A […]

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