Content Marketing has evolved.

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Content Marketing, as we’ve come to know and respect it, is … over. CM was a great solution for the past few years to reach the sales-avoiding buyer, since it offered welcome, relevant information in attractive form.

Marketing used to be a sermon delivered over a media megaphone, which became unacceptable, and CM filled the bill.
CM has a huge weakness, however. It still relies on guesswork about audience awareness, attitude and usage.
It’s difficult for example, using PDFs or print, to know who is engaged, and by what. KinetiZine™, a technology breakthrough, solves that problem. An interactive “KZ” reports back on what readers spend time on, what videos they watch, what CTAs they respond to, even what pages they ignore.


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There are four crucial stages that must be completed to achieve the ultimate dialog with prospects, the Insight Swap, which brings people through your pipeline on the buyer’s journey.

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