• Services provided:

  • company naming
  • identity
  • website design
  • website development

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Kevin McGurn, an experienced director and editor, offers a range of production and post-production services — directing, design, and editing services. His lean, tailored approach enables him to adapt to clients’ various needs. When Kevin takes on a project he is involved with it from inception to conclusion, lending his 30 years of industry experience every step of the way.

We gave him a new name, a new website, and the most original business cards in the industry. Scroll down…


He’s a visual storyteller, and we used the website to tell his story, visually.

200 Stories Tall website

Business Cards

200 Stories Tall’s unique business cards share a common front, but 16 (count ’em, 16) different backs, each a fragment of a story script.

200 Stories Tall business cards