Are your web visitors all looking for the same thing?

Posted on Sep 26, 2018

As they say on Twitter, awhellllnaw!

If your business, candidate, admissions office or juice bar has visitors with varying interests, you need to think seriously about your landing pages. (Note the plural.)

Why? Because your home page is (and must be) full of compromises
, an artful catchall of tactics to engage every kind of searcher, browser or wandering minstrel. You get 4.5 seconds to engage the mission-driven searcher (the most valuable kind of prospect). An engaging landing page says “I’ve arrived at a just-what-I’m-looking-for goldmine.” They see their hot need dominating center stage. Add a strong call to action (CTA) and you’re teed up to continue the dialog, or maybe even close the deal.

Think of your home page as a landscape to showcase your whole brand story. Display all your products or services. Narrate why you’re different/better/cheaper than your competitors, what friendly reliable folk you are. Offer office hours, career opportunities, locations, contact info. Whatever. Good. It’s important to make all that attractive, clear and available. Many casual browsers will navigate whatever’s one click or a little scrolling away – and a few might even be willing to play Where’s Waldo – to see wiifm.


Mission-driven searchers are targets of vastly greater value than browsers

… especially when they are hunting for what you provide especially well. Landing pages to the rescue, to engage the searchers who are zeroing in on:

• not a law firm, but an IP attorney,
• not a college, but a pre-dental program,
• not a candidate, but a future senator who hates what I hate,
• not a supermarket, but an amazing cheese department.

Enrich your site’s effectiveness with strategic landing pages.

We can help you drive high-value targets to be captured on those landing pages using proven tactics: better SEO and/or laser-focused online advertising.

Want to talk about specifics, to be more findable, close more sales and accelerate your growth? Find a time to chat on our calendar.

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